Accessibility statement


A static top line navigation menu is provided consistently across the entire site. The following options are available:

  • Links to the home page, about the school, curriculum, exam results, current vacancies, links and contact us are consistent throughout the site navigation.
  • A 'breadcrumb' trail has been provided across the site to show the zone and page the user is viewing within the site.
  • A left hand (zone specific) menu is provided on all pages,
  • Additional navigation links (bookmarks) may be provided on long pages with a large amount of content.

Site accessibility features

  • Browser support: this site has been optimised for users of HTML5-compliant browsers, including Internet Explorer version 10 and later. The site supports basic rendering for older browsers.
  • Mobile devices: PDA / mobile phone access is supported.
  • Text resizing and screen reader: text resizing is supported
  • Printing: a print-specific version of web pages will automatically be generated when using the latest browsers.

Web content and accessibility

Alban Learning Partners is committed to making its web content widely accessible to all users and is constantly striving to improve standards and better enable access to its website. We are also committed to establishing a minimum accessibility standard for web pages and to achieving the maximum standard wherever possible. This web access statement relates specifically to the public Alban Learning Partners website located at

Let us know how we can help

If you use assistive technology, handheld devices or standard web browsers and find that the format of any material on our websites interferes with your ability to access information, please contact albanlearningpartners@gmail.comand we will do our best to resolve the problem or provide the information in an alternative format.

This site complies with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Conformance, Priority 1. Layout is accomplished mainly with CSS, but the site will also display well if CSS is not supported. Form controls are properly grouped and labelled. Links to pop-up windows are used on this site, and are noted as such using the title element for the link. Navigation items are grouped, with "invisible" links to skip the initial navigation elements if desired. Important navigation links have shortcut keys to enable quick access, shown in the following table:

Alban Learning Partners Access Keys
PageAccess Key
HomeAlt + 1
About usAlt + 2
CurriculumAlt + 3
Practical InformationAlt + 4
Staff VacanciesAlt + 5
Contact UsAlt + 6

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