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Awarding body: AQA
Specification number: 1411 / 2411

Entry requirements

BB for Double Science or B grade for Triple Biology
Average point score 42

Course content

A Level Biology examines a range of areas, from Respiration and Photosynthesis, to cell structure and function, adaptation of the gaseous exchange systems in mammals, absorption in the gut, immunity and defence and the conduction of action potentials along neurones to name a few.

Students will complete a number of mandatory practicals and experience A Level examination training throughout the course. A Level Biology requires focus, dedication, an excellent work ethic and an understanding that it is not the ‘easy’ Science.


A variety of assessment methods are used.  Lessons are varied including noting taking and practical investigations.  Students take regular assessments including end of unit assessments.

Why Science at Marlborough Science Academy?

Experienced Biology specialists delivering the course.

Expectations of students

Students wanting to follow this course should enjoy science in general and the life sciences in particular and be interested in developing their skills in designing investigations.

Career paths

Medical or veterinary science, pharmaceutical or agrochemical industry, biochemical or genetic research, biotechnology, food industry, nursing, teacher or laboratory technician. Studying Biology gives you a well-rounded view of the way science affects society and the individual.

Bioveterinary Science, Physiotherapy and Veterinary Medicine.

Physiotherapy at Cardiff, Veterinary Medicine at Royal Veterinary College and Biomedical Science at Hull, Biochemistry at Royal Holloway.

How to apply

Contact Mr J Milne, The Marlborough Science Academy.