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Awarding body: OCR
Specification number: H432

Entry requirements

BB for Double Science or B grade for Triple Chemistry
Average point score 42
A minimum grade C in GCSE maths is also an entry requirement.

Course content

The course is split into 6 teaching modules:

  • Development of practical skills in chemistry
  • Foundations in chemistry (atomic structure, moles and bonding etc.)
  • Periodic table and energy
  • Core organic chemistry
  • Physical chemistry and transition elements
  • Organic chemistry and analysis

There are 3 written papers taken at the end of the second year of the course and a practical endorsement which is a non-exam assessment and is reported separately to the exam grade.


Chemistry is the science that opens doors. It is essential for those students who want to study Medicine or Veterinary Science and complements a whole range of other subjects including business, the humanities and the arts. 

The subject is examined at the end of two years and the practical skills are endorsed through the completion of practical tasks directed by the exam board. 

Why Science at Marlborough Science Academy?

At Marlborough Chemistry is taught by experienced teachers and the school has an excellent technical team to ensure that there is a good emphasis on practical skills. The Chemistry teachers encourage students to learn independently and provide out of lesson support when required.

Expectations of students

Students wanting to follow this course should enjoy science in general and willing to take on the challenge of a serious subject both at a practical and intellectual level.

Career paths

This qualification will be respected by all employers and is directly relevant to many jobs in industry and medicine. Chemistry A level provides useful background knowledge for all science degree but is essential if you wish to study chemistry, medicine, veterinary medicine, chemical engineering, biochemistry and other similar courses.

Veterinary Medicine, Biochemical Science, Biochemistry and Neuroscience.

Biological Sciences (Neuroscience) at Leicester, Bioveterinary Science at Hartpury College, Veterinary Medicine at Royal Veterinary College and Biomedical Science at Hull.

How to apply

Ms H Parks, The Marlborough Science Academy