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Awarding body: AQA
Specification number: 7236 / 7237

Entry requirements

GCSE Dance/BTEC Dance or equivalent dance courses are desirable. Attend regular dance classes outside of school.

Course content

This specification requires students to develop, demonstrate and articulate practical and theoretical knowledge, understanding and experience of:

  • Technical and performance skills, the process and art of choreography.
  • The interrelationship between the creation, the presentation and the viewing/appreciation of dance works. The development of dance placed within an artistic and cultural context.
  • Professional dance works and the significance of these, subject specific terminology and its use.

At AS Level, this specification focuses on the development and performance of the candidate’s own choreography and performance within a solo and a duet/trio. Candidates receive training on technique and the health and safety of the dancer. They will critically engage with areas of study developing an understanding of dance through time and location. The areas of study cover the genres of modern dance, ballet and jazz dance.

  • Component 1: Performance and choreography (choreography and performance of a solo, performance in a duet/trio). Component 2: Critical engagement (written exam on two areas of study).

At A2, candidates develop skills and extend and apply knowledge gained at AS level. Candidates will be required to perform as a soloist in the style of a practitioner from a prescribed list. Performance skills are developed and progressed from a duet/trio into a quartet. Choreography will be developed with candidates choreographing a group dance in response to an externally set task. Candidates will continue to critically engage with two set works and areas of study.

Component 1: Performance and choreography (solo performance, performance in a quartet and group choreography, component 2: Critical engagement (two set works and two areas of study).


Why Dance at Marlborough Science Academy?

Expectations of students

It is paramount that students meet all the deadlines for coursework in order to be successful on this course. Students must be prepared to hold and attend own rehearsals for choreography projects and maintain a professional working attitude towards practical sessions.

Career paths

Higher national Diplomas. University Dance Degrees in either dance performance, dance science, dance choreography of dance studies/industry. Would complement any CV for the performing arts/creative arts. Would be helpful to give students confidence for future careers in dance teachers/instructors or choreographers.

Dance and Choreography.

Dance and Choreography at Falmouth

How to apply

Miss H Fox, The Marlborough Science Academy