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Drama and Theatre

Awarding body: AQA
Specification number: TBC

Entry requirements

A love of the arts and an interest in theatre and performance work.
Average point score 40

Course content

Component 1: Drama and theatre (Written Exam) What’s assessed in the exam?  Knowledge and understanding of drama and theatre. Study of two set plays, explored practically through workshop sessions, discussion and performance in class. Theatre trip to London. Analysis and evaluation of the work of production seen. Exam questions about the above elements in one 3 hour written paper.

Component 2: Creating original drama (practical) What's assessed?
Devised performance work, in which students may contribute as performer, designer or director. Devised piece must be influenced by the work and methodologies of one prescribed practitioner.  Students also complete a working notebook/portfolio of the process of their devised work.

Component 3: Making theatre (practical) What's assessed?
Practical exploration and interpretation of three extracts (Extract 1, 2 and 3) each taken from a different play. Methodology of a prescribed practitioner must be applied to Extract 3.  Extract 3 is to be performed as a final assessed piece; students may contribute as performer, designer or director. Reflective report analysing and evaluating theatrical interpretation of all three extracts.


Students will be assessed both in their practical work as well as essay writing.  A large portion of the course is delivered through workshops, seminars and visits to review contemporary theatre experiences.  There is a significant amount of reading as well as essay writing. 

Why Drama at Marlborough Science Academy?

Marlborough offers lots of exciting opportunities to showcase acting and technical talent.  We are also proud of our dedicated drama studio.

Expectations of students

This course is demanding in terms of: - time given to rehearsal, theatre visits, personal and social skills required for group work, research, planning and organisation, intellectual and practical skills.

Career paths

Apart from careers in the arts and teaching, Drama and Theatre develops public speaking, presentation skills, critical thinking, team work, cultural awareness and personal reflection.

The transferrable skills from Drama are important in developing skills which will be invaluable in the workplace. Many of our students go on to study courses in the arts, however just as many find Drama a great facilitating subject for careers including Law, English, Journalism, Broadcasting and Education.

Drama Theatre, Dance and Choreography.

Film and Drama at Kent, Dance and Choreography at Falmouth and Theatre and Performance Studies at Bristol.

How to apply

Miss C Burton, The Marlborough Science Academy.