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Film Studies

Awarding body: WJEC
Specification number: 2181 / 3181

Entry requirements

A love of film and filmmaking and interest in the critical study and analysis of film.

You must meet the school’s requirements for entry to A levels, including a C or above in an essay based subject like English or History.

Course content

The course begins by teaching students what to look for when analysing a film followed by close study of key films and sequences from British Film.

Students then create their own short films, taking specific roles in its production such as camera operator, editor or cinematographer.

The year then concludes with study of key films and sequences from American Film.


Films Studies requires studies to fine hone analytical skills, much of the time this is through seminar discussions and student led presentations.  The films themselves are obviously an essential part of the course but significant wider reading is expected.

Why Media Studies at Marlborough Science Academy?

We are one of the few schools to offer this discipline in the area and since its inception results have been consistently good.

Expectations of students

Students are expected to keep up to date with all essays and home learning in preparation for exams. Students must be prepared to work well with others and be reliable when making a film with peers.

Career paths

Film Studies is an essay based subject that shows students have excellent analytical skills. This is recognised by all universities. It is also the perfect route into any media or journalism based career.

Journalism and Media, Film and Drama and Film Studies.

Film and Drama at Kent, Film at Falmouth and Journalism and Media at Coventry,

How to apply

Mr B Corbett, The Marlborough Science Academy.