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Awarding body: AQA
Specification number: 7651 / 7652

Entry requirements

Five GCSE grades at A*- C and an average point score of 42 or above.
Grade B via the higher tier or above at GCSE French, including a B grade in the writing exam.

Course content

At AS level, you will study topics covered at GCSE in more detail and students will have the opportunity to extend their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing through the study of materials related to contemporary France and Francophone countries.  The course covers current trends in society and artistic culture. 

Students will study a set literary text or a film in depth.  Students deepen and broaden their competence in the language and explore further social, cultural and political issues. With a full A level in addition students are required to study a second literary text or film and must complete an individual research project.


Why Languages at Marlborough Science Academy?

Expectations of students

You will be expected to work hard and keep to deadlines.
Students should have an interest in one of the French speaking countries and/or be informed about its history, culture and current events.
Students should preferably have also made a visit to the country concerned and may have the opportunity to take part in a work experience programme in France.
Students must attend conversation lessons, as well as have the self-discipline to learn vocabulary and master French grammar.

Career paths

Knowledge of a foreign language could be the passport to many careers. Most university courses offer languages as a subsidiary subject. The ability to understand and use French is also a desirable skill in such areas of work as economics and business, marketing, public relations, engineering, tourism, law, education and many more.

French and Politics

French and Politics at Queen Mary University of London.

How to apply

Mr K Henshall, The Marlborough Science Academy.