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Government & Politics

Awarding body: AQA
Specification number: 2150

Entry requirements

5 GCSE A* – C grades, preferably C in at least one written and analytical related subject e.g. English or History.
Average point score 38.

Course content

AS – Participation and Voting Behaviour, Electoral Systems and Democracy.

Government of the UK; Politics of the UK.

A2 – US Government and Politics - Congress, The Presidency and the Supreme Court.

Both AS & A2 cover political parties and pressure groups.


The three primary strands of Government and Politics, theory, history and contemporary are studied in detail.  There is a great deal of essential reading but much of the course is continually unfolding as we study.  Keeping abreast of the news will be essential for success.  There are significant opportunities for discussion and debate.

Why Politics at Marlborough Science Academy?

Marlborough has access to a wide variety of resources both human, written and media based.  The results are consistently strong with a number of students going on to study political science at university.

Expectations of students

Good written and oral communication skills, the ability to analyse and interpret articles and some statistical data, some debating skills and power of argument, an interest in the news and current affairs would also be useful.

Career paths

Law and legal affairs.
Politics and civil service careers at a local and national level.
Journalism and news related work.
Management and problem solving.

Politics and International Relations and History.

History/International Relations at Oxford Brookes, Politics and International Relations at Kent, History at Royal Holloway and Bristol.

How to apply

Mr R Atterton, The Marlborough Science Academy.