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Awarding body: OCR
Specification number: 3890 / 7890

Entry requirements

At least a grade A at GCSE Higher level (or a very high B with a recommendation from your GCSE teacher).
Due to the nature of the course, students whose predicted grade is less than A will struggle with the full A level course.
Average GCSE point score 42.

Course content

Students will cover 4 core modules and two modules from Mechanics, Statistics or Decision maths. The core element is algebra based, covering topics such as graphs, trigonometry, series differentiation and integration. The applied modules enable students to extend on their mathematical understanding by focusing in a specific area of mathematics. There are 3 exams in year 12 and 3 in year 13.


Lessons are delivered through a variety of traditional and modern methods.  Mathematics lessons are sometimes highly didactic but always uses stepped practice examples.  

Why Maths at Marlborough Science Academy?

Mathematics is delivered by experienced specialists.  After school sessions are available to offer support to students in order to maximise their potential.

Expectations of students

One of the key aims of the course is to encourage students to develop a deeper understanding of Mathematics, to promote independent thinking and to challenge their thought process when tackling more complex questions. They will be required to use logical thinking and should have an interest in the subject, and extending on what they have learnt at GCSE.

Career paths

Mathematics is relevant to other fields of study such as the Sciences, Geography, Economics and Business Studies. If you are considering university courses, A level maths is essential for some degree options such as Physics, Computing and Engineering as AS is of benefit in Chemistry, Biology, Business and Social Sciences. Its value beyond A level is also recognised.

For other career paths A level Mathematics opens opportunities in the world of commerce and business including accounting and banking. Recent research suggests that people with A level Mathematics earn approximately £3,000 p.a. more than those without Mathematics.

Accountancy, Financial Services, Education, Aerospace and Defence, Automotive, Construction and Engineering.

Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Loughborough.

How to apply

Miss G Smith, Head of Mathematics at The Marlborough Science Academy.