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Media Studies

Awarding body: WJEC
Specification number: 2291 / 3291

Entry requirements

A love of print, television and online and an interest in the critical study of the media’s role in society. You must meet the school’s requirements for entry to A levels, including a C or above in an essay based subject like English or History.

Course content

Five hours a week:

  • AS: A mixture of pre-production, production and critical analysis of media products. (50%)
    One essay based exam, consisting of three questions looking at representation, the media industry and its audience. (50%)
  • A2: A detailed research project that will inform a production and then be critically analysed. (50%)
    One essay based exam, consisting of three questions looking at particular industries such as television, print and online Media (50%)


Media studies is primarily involves students developing portfolio work.   Students are required to work independently at times as well as through personal tutorials with staff.

Why Media Studies at Marlborough Science Academy?

Media studies is one of the consistently highest performing subject in terms of value added.  The expert teaching as well as the excellent array of resources means Media Studies is a very popular choice.

Expectations of students

Students are expected to keep up to date with all essays and home learning in preparation for exams. Students must be prepared to work well with others and be reliable when working with peers.

Career paths

The media industry is one of the fastest growing areas of the economy and media studies combines well with a number of other courses at universities. This is a more rigorous course than the one previously studied at Marlborough and shows universities essay writing and analytical skills as well as practical ones. This is recognised when applying to university.

For students wishing to break into design media this is the perfect foundation to a work placement or beginning of a career in magazine design, web design, journalistic writing or photo journalism.

Media Production, Advertising and Public Relations.

Media Studies at Bangor, Digital Media at Bristol, Advertising, Public Relations and Media at Middlesex, Media Production at Hertfordshire and Kent.

How to apply

Mr B Corbett, The Marlborough Science Academy.