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Photography (Linear)

Awarding body: Edexcel
Specification number: 9PY01

Entry requirements

5 GCSE C and above, some experience of taking photographs and preferable a C in Art.
A genuine interest in visual arts and other cultures.
Ability to work independently and with maturity.

Course content

5 hours per week (plus independent study 4 hours per week)

Learning how to take interesting pictures, develop film, controlled printing in the dark room, using studio equipment as well as electronic imaging. Manipulation of photographs using artistic approaches and materials.

Students explore projects theme/s using the camera as their medium. Research and analysis of artists and photographers work to inform their own ideas.

A final practical exam set by the exam board.


Students have the opportunity to develop their skills in camera work both technically and artistically.  Students also develop skills in use of photography software.  They can explore and investigate their own ideas with step by step guidance from teacher-led tutorials.

Why Photography at Marlborough Science Academy?

Marlborough is one of the few schools that offer this course.  The exceptional results and the high quality resources such as a well-equipped dark room are just a few reasons to choose Marlborough for this course. 

Expectations of students

You will need to keep a sketchbook throughout the 2 years of all your thoughts and photographs you have taken. Be motivated enough to manage your own time effectively and expect to take much of your photography in your own time for use in the lessons.

Career paths

Further your study in Photography;
H.N.D, Foundation Degrees, First Degrees and Employment.

Photographic Services, Newspaper, Periodical, Book, and Directory Publishers, Television Broadcasting, Arts, and Entertainment.

Photography at Falmouth, Hertfordshire and Norwich.

How to apply

Ms A Rickman, The Marlborough Science Academy.