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Awarding body: Edexcel
Specification number: 8PH0 / 9PH0

Entry requirements

This subject assumes an understanding of the Physics of GCSE science.
Five GCSE grades at A*-C and an average point score of 42 or above.
Grade CC for GCSE Double Science or C grade GCSE Physics.
A minimum grade C in GCSE Maths is also an entry requirement.

Course content

Many of the areas of study extend from the Physics component of the GCSE science course and include: Mechanics, Electricity, Waves, Fields, Astrophysics and Practical investigations.


Physics at Marlborough is taught by enthusiastic and dedicated staff, that provide an emphasis on the applications of the subject. 

It is a wide ranging science that considers the origins of the universe and quantum mechanics as well as the more traditional concepts of forces and energy. 

The course is taught as a two year linear subject with the assessment consisting of two written exams. The practical skills are endorsed through the completion of practical tasks directed by the exam board.

Why Science at Marlborough Science Academy?

Physics has many applications notably for students wishing to study engineering and supports maths and the other sciences very well.

Expectations of students

Minimum Mathematics skills include the ability to rearrange formulae and to plot and interpret line graphs. The study of AS Mathematics is preferable but by no means essential.

Investigative skills are important, as are problem-solving skills. This will include the interpretation and manipulation of data. You will need to be able to think logically. You should be able to work independently as well as part of a team.

Career paths

The problem solving nature of Physics and the application of theory makes this course, an extremely useful foundation for further study and careers in the following areas: Aeronautics, Architecture, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, Medicine, Forensic Science and many others.

Physics, Electrical Engineering and Audio Acoustics.

Audio Acoustics at Salford, Physics at Heriot-Watt and Electronic and Electrical Engineering at Loughborough.

How to apply

Miss N Hinton,  The Marlborough Science Academy.