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Awarding body: AQA
Specification number: 7181 / 7182

Entry requirements

At least a grade C in Maths, English and Science.
Average point score 39.

Course content

Psychology will appeal to a cross-section of students, regardless of whether they have studied the subject before. It builds on skills developed in the sciences and humanities, and enables progression into a wide range of other subjects.

Approaches and methods related to the core areas of Psychology – cognitive, social, biological, developmental, individual differences and research methods are all delivered throughout the course. Students are then able to develop their understanding through a number of applications including Criminology, Clinical and Child Psychology.

Students will also conduct a number of practical investigations and develop an understanding of how science works.  These qualifications are linear. Linear means that students will sit all the AS exams at the end of their AS course and all the A-level exams at the end of their A-level course.


Learning methods in Psychology are varied.  Much is delivered through discussion, group work and conduction psychological experiments.  Practical learning is a cornerstone of this course but developing robust essay writing skills is key to success on this course. 

Why Science at Marlborough Science Academy?

Psychology is extremely popular in part due to the excellent and inspiring teaching from a highly skilled specialist.  Students really enjoy psychology, making this one of the most popular subjects to be studied at university after sixth form.

Expectations of students

  • Interested in people and how they work
  • Good critical thinking skills
  • Good investigation skills
  • Ability to remember theories and studies
  • Positive attitude to learning

Career paths

Health professional
Marketing, advertising
Sports Psychology
Educational Psychologist
Criminal Psychologist
The Police
Any job where you work with people.

Clinical Psychologist, Counselling Psychologist, Educational Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Occupational Psychologist, Sport and Exercise Psychologist.

Psychology at Lancaster and Derby.

How to apply

Miss C Curtis, The Marlborough Science Academy.